Dora Games for Girls

Dora JumpingDora Jumping
Get into this game. Dora wants to play with you. Need your help to jump high and grab as many stars as possible. The more you get more chances of winning Chair
Dora's KitchenDora's Kitchen
Cooking game in which you will have to help your friend Dora to prepare delicious recipes, choose the one you want to do and the ingredients used for cooking.
Divisions with Dora the ExplorerDivisions with Dora the Explorer
Time for the class! come and play with Dora the Explorer, while learning the divisions! are you good at maths? show your talent in this funny game!
Help Dora  with the constructionHelp Dora with the construction
This game will really like you. Dora the Explorer and her best friend Boots have started a new mission in the woods, but along the way have met with some bridges broken or missing. Help them to build bridges and get on the road
Numbers of DoraNumbers of Dora
Next delivery of the numbers game. You have to use the magnifying glass to find the numbers that are hidden under this pretty picture of Dora and her horse.
Dora the Explorer and Spooky ForestDora the Explorer and Spooky Forest
In this game you will be able to play with Dora and Spooky, and explore a lot of new and exciting places. Show your talent and try to finish the game!
Learn English with Dora and her friendsLearn English with Dora and her friends
Dora the Explorer and her friends are waiting you to play with them and learn English. It's a fun game because you have to put each letter into the right place and form the word in english. Can you do it?
New Dora puzzleNew Dora puzzle
New and original Dora puzzle where you must use your skill and wits to put each piece in place and discover a funny picture of the explorer.
Dora PlantsDora Plants
Learning game that lets you learn to grow plants and care for a garden and orchard. Apply the magic of Dora and discover how plants grow. Take the book seeds, water them and use the magical land of Dora. Click with the mouse on the role you want to do.
Find the Matching Cards with DoraFind the Matching Cards with Dora
Come and play with Dora the Explorer! in this new and funny game, you will have to find the cards that are alike. try to use your memory and be as fast as possible!
Hide and seekHide and seek
Would you like to play hide and seek with Dora and Boots?. It's a great game and fun. All you have to find boots every time you hide and click on it when you find it.
Princess DoraPrincess Dora
Fun game in which you have an interactive book dedicated to the Princess Dora and her friends, remember that they are free games for the whole family!
Dora helps BootsDora helps Boots
Boots the monkey is training and needs you to put all the cubes on each side to keep the weight balanced and be able to lift it.
Exploring the Crocodile LakeExploring the Crocodile Lake
Come along with Dora and her friend the donkey to explore this strange place! it's a lake full of dangerous crocodiles. Will you be able to make it?
Mini-golf with DoraMini-golf with Dora
Participate in this mini golf for the family and discover new adventures with your favorite explorer. Win the game and show your friends that they also have fun
Dora's CookingDora's Cooking
Welcome to the world of Dora the explorer! can you help her cook delicious recipes? you have to show your talent in this nice and clean kitchen.
Dora's Costume MakerDora's Costume Maker
Dora and Diego want to play with you, are you ready to join them? you will have to choose the best clothes and accessories for them. Have fun!
Find Map in the forestFind Map in the forest
Get into this game so fun. Dora and her friends are waiting to play with you. This time Map has been lost in the woods and everyone is looking for him everywhere. Join the search and help them find Map. Where is Map?
Play with Dora's TwinsPlay with Dora's Twins
Dora the Explorer needs your help today! she has to go out and she has two cute twin brothers. Can you take care of them? have fun!
The Star HunterThe Star Hunter
There are so many stars in the sky! you must catch and put them in the hamper by their respective color. With the mouse move the hand of Dora the Explorer and put the stars into the basket.
Dora shows us her homeDora shows us her home
If you want to know what is inside of the house of Dora have chosen the best game, because Dora teaches you what is in every corner of her home!
Exploring Dora's Purple PlanetExploring Dora's Purple Planet
Welcome to the world of Dora the Explorer! our hero needs to collect all the objects she will find in outer space, abroad a nice and powerful shuttle.
Dora Special AdventuresDora Special Adventures
In this game, you will be able to practice your language skills with Dora the explorer. Come and participate in this new exciting adventure!
Do you want to learn English with Dora?Do you want to learn English with Dora?
This game is great. All you have to pay attention and learn English with teacher your new Dora the Explorer. She is very friendly and wants you to learn, so here you have to be a good student.
Cartons of fruitCartons of fruit
Play this bingo original game with Dora. Try to fill the board with the figures that out in the shortest time.
Dora Explorer PuzzleDora Explorer Puzzle
Fun puzzle game where you have to put all the pieces that form it in the right place to see Dora and Boots the monkey in a fun birthday party.
Choose clothes for Dora´s new missionChoose clothes for Dora´s new mission
This game will really like you. Here you only have to use your mouse and help Dora to choose the clothes she wants to get to the new mission of today. Keep in mind this is a day a little cold and walk through the woods
Easter eggsEaster eggs
Try to find where have been hidden all the Easter eggs that belongs to Dora, the explorer.
Exploring Dora's Pirate BoatExploring Dora's Pirate Boat
Do you like the world of pirates and treasures? come and play this game full of surprises in the Caribbean! you have to explore the place with Dora!
Find the 15 numbersFind the 15 numbers
This game will really like. In this drawing of Dora Butterfly will have to find hidden numbers. So here are 15 have patience and a good observer. Little help: you have a magnifying glass that will be very useful to find them.
Play in the FarmPlay in the Farm
Welcome to the farm! there is so much to do in this place! try to help Dora cleaning everything and making the place ready for the animals. Have fun!
Help Dora  to find lost itemsHelp Dora to find lost items
Get into this game so entertaining. Dora and her friends are waiting to play with you. Dora needs you to seek some elements that are hidden. If you find one you have to click on it. But beware that the fox is running around and want you to lose the game.
Save The Prince with Dora the ExplorerSave The Prince with Dora the Explorer
Play with Dora and her friend the Donkey in this new adventure full of surprises! you will have to try to arrive to the end, dodging all the obstacles. Have fun!
Spot the differenceSpot the difference
Enter this fantastic game and play with Dora the Explorer. You should pay close attention and observe very well the images to find differences between the pictures that are very similar. Note that the clock is ticking. How many differences can you find?
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